Friday, October 31, 2008

Photography by Diana Brennan

Inspired by a trip to a natural history museum in Rhode Island, photographer Diana Brennan has created a beautiful series of photographs that are part art and part science. Although initially some of the pieces may remind you of scientific illustrations, she has a remarkable way of capturing the depth of the subject in its created environment, don't you think? You are left not only with an impression of the subject, but also of the character of the natural history museum. Well done, I say. 

She has a great number of lovely and poetic pieces available through her Etsy store, DS Brennan Photography. I highly recommend a visit.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm back...

Well, I've been away for a while. It was quite a busy summer and I had much going on. I've also started job-hunting like crazy so that's taken up a lot of time. But I'm finally back. And I'd really like to share a bit of exciting news. The new Academy of Sciences has just re-opened in Golden Gate Park. AND... they have a penguin cam. AND it's a nice one. It has a nice clear picture so you can fully appreciate all of the fat squishy waddling in all kinds of glorious detail. Plus there are three different web cams to choose from. Oh my gosh, how I long to hug and squeeze a penguin. Here's the link.  Enjoy!!! To support the Academy (including the penguin breeding program), you can donate or become a member. They haven't reached their fund-raising goal yet. Or just visit the page to learn more about the species. I just learned that African penguins mate for life. How sweet is that?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Temporarily OFF...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Due to a family illness and a wedding, I will not be updating this blog for the next couple of months. Please check back in August for new bird art, gifts, and products. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally...some bird T-shirts.

I do realize I have neglected an important area of bird art and design- apparel! Now, I have a special place in my heart for cafepress because not only do I sell t-shirts with my designs through them, but so do thousands of other aspiring artists and designers. The only glitch about it for the consumer is that because anyone can upload anything, there's quite a bit o' crap to wade through to find the good stuff. But there is a lot of good stuff too. Here are a few items I found this morning:

This retro Owl tank top ($24.50, above) is available through cafepress shop "beyoutees". This design is also available on a number of other women's shirts.

This retro dove design, from cafepress shop "creativetaylor", is available on T-shirts for the whole family. This cap-sleeved T-shirt comes in your choice of black or brown sleeves for $19.99.

This  women's raglan with the "Live, Love, Laugh" little birdie design (above, $23.99) is just one of many very pretty designs available through cafepress shop, "rhonnafarrer".

And finally, a more masculine design: This tribal raven men's ringer T-shirt is available for $19.99 through cafepress shop, "shadowsay". It's also available on other styles of men's T-shirts.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art by Marilyn Suchan

I just love the patterns and colors in this piece, "Barn Owl" by Marilyn Suchan. I also love how he's so fuzzy-looking. Giclees of this piece start at just around $13 for an 8 x 10 reproduction. Prints up to 45 x 36 inches are available for this piece.

Collage by Lauren Abrams

I came across this very lovely piece of collage artwork by Lauren Abrams on the Imagekind homepage this morning. This piece, entitled "Collage 9", is available as a 11 x 15 inch giclee print for $11.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wooden Bird & Owl Postcards from Patina

I meant for these to be my "What a Deal Thursday" items yesterday... but, you know.... I skipped yesterday. So anyway, I'm told these cute little finds are created with a slice of eco-concious sustainably harvested wood. Score! A deal AND eco-friendly?! That totally rocks. I think they're too cute to send, but you can actually mail them if you want to. These
wooden bird postcards are available at Patina, along with lots of other cute stuff.

Bird Charity Friday: Galapagos Conservancy

I'm so late with my posts today... and I completely missed yesterday. I apologize- I've been tending to other projects. And suffering from a bit of an existential crisis... what with living off my dwindling savings and having an anti-midas touch when it comes to matters of business. All the while, I begin to see my catfood-eating, section 8 retirement years looming on the horizon. OK, I'm being a little bit dramatic. Just a little bit. It is on the horizon though. Anyhoo...on to Bird Charity Friday... Today I'd like to tell you about Galapagos Conservancy. Although not specifically a bird charity, their are MANY remarkable species of birds on the Galapagos Islands, as you are well aware, I'm sure. They urgently need extra donations right now because 53 sea lions were recently clubbed to death and they are desperately trying to raise funds for the investigation into the attack as well additional monitoring of at-risk animals. To help, your donation of just $25 will be rewarded with a one year newsletter subscription to "Galapagos News". They also have some really unique ties (with iguanas and blue-footed boobies!) (pictured below, $40) in their online store, as well books, cards, T-shirts, mugs and more. Also shown below is a book of eight Galapagos bedtime stories ($19.95) by Paula Tagle. Check out their web site- it's got lots of information and tons of beautiful photos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bird Art by Matt Adrian

Well, I'm attempting my first trackback here. I hope I'm doing it right. I came across some very cool bird paintings by Matt Adrian in a post on the Birder's World Magazine Blog, Field of View. Some of his work is cool and kinda funny (see "Whom" below), and some pieces are just beautiful (see "Will You Put Down That US Magazine and Listen To Me" below). I really like his choice of colors and his use of brushstrokes. You can shop directly from his Etsy shop, The Mincing Mockingbird where he sells original paintings, prints, and magnets.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unusual Bird News of the Week... Homing Pigeon Found Way Off-Track

Now it's easy for us to say he was way off-track, but perhaps little "NPA 707RJ556" knew exactly where he was headed when he flew for a month straight from his home in Los Angeles to land on the dryer vent of a Animal Medical Center in Michigan. Perhaps. I mean, homing pigeons are quite smart despite their little brains and I believe they have a pretty darn good sense of direction. According to
WOOD TV8 (Grand Rapids News), the pigeon's owner said something spooked the little guy and made him fly off. Then when so much time passed, he didn't expect to see his pigeon again. Unfortunately, due to the expense of shipping, the owner does not want the bird returned. So if you're into pigeons and you live in the Michigan area, you can give little NPA 707RJ556 a new home. And a better name. (I vote for "Fred".) FYI, I just checked out the
National Pigeon Association web site and I'm so intrigued by this hobby. There are some VERY good-looking pigeons out there. Some of them have really fluffy feet. Fluffy feet are the cutest. And there's this sort of romantic "On the Waterfront" draw for me too. So many potential hobbies, so little time... How does one choose between competitive pumpkin growing and competitive pigeon breeding?

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Three Birds on a Wire" by Jennifer Lommers

I just love the shades of yellow in this mixed media painting ("Three Birds on a Wire") by artist Jennifer Lommers. Giclee prints of this piece are available through Imagekind starting at around $10.

Pink Birdy Coin Purse by Patina Store

OK, so let me get back to the topic at hand... Speaking of hands, I came across this handy-dandy little Pink Birdy Coin Purse ($10.95) at It measures 3 x 4 inches and even has a key ring so you can attach it to your belt loop for hands-free coin carrying. Cute, huh?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Prints by Aline Yamada

"White Lovebirds" (pictured below) is available as print ($20) through artist Aline Yamada's Etsy shop, YumiYumi. This signed giclee print on rag paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches. I'm so excited to have come across her shop because she's got a bunch of sweet and lovely bird artwork. It will be hard to choose just one!

Artwork by Kendra Binney

This signed, limited edition reproduction of the delicate and ethereal painting, "Let Go" by artist Kendra Binney is available though her web site, The wood-mounted reproduction ($50) measures 6 x 12 and is protected by a coat of plastic resin.

Bird Charity Friday: Pacific Wildlife Project

For this edition of Bird Charity Friday, I'd like to focus on the
Pacific Wildlife Project. This non-profit organization in California specializes in the rescue and care of pelicans and seabirds. The Project's director also aided in the return of the famous swallows of San Juan Capistrano when their numbers suddenly decreased a few years back. You can donate through their website or you can make purchase from their Cafepress shop. The mousepad pictured below sells for just 14.99. You can even adopt a pelican ($250) and sponsor its food and medical care until its release. To show you their gratitude, you will receive an art print, a bio and photo, and you'll even get to name your pelican.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bird Artwork at Etsy shop: BirdNerd

For my final post of the day, I'm pleased to share with you my most recent Etsy find. (I know, Etsy is endlessly gratifying...) Chelsea of BirdNerd creates the loveliest bird paintings with unique colors and lots of patterns. They're really very cool. Plus she has prints in various sizes and postcards, so there are lots of affordable choices for your bird decorating pleasure. Here are a couple of pieces from her shop, BirdNerd:

Queen Bee's Chirp Bag from Shana Logic

Shana Logic is another jewel of a store. This online shop is full of super cute, unique stuff created by indie designers... the kind of stuff that everyone will scrambling over eachother to ask you, WHERE did you get THAT? And I found quite a few bird-inspired products on her pages. This Chirp Bag (by Queen Bee, which has more cute bags on their web site) sells for $64 and is made of water-proof vinyl:

Pewter Bird Measuring Spoons

I seem to be on a kitchen kick today. That's ok- I'll just go with it. Here's one more must-have for your chirpilly cheerful kitchen. This set of very elegant and sweet pewter bird measuring spoons are available through The Spoon Sisters for $85. (Hey, they're pewter.) I don't mean to toot my own horn, but seriously, I am finding some great stuff.